Tyrolkraft - Series

Serie Tirol

- the innovative, economical stove

In conjunction with leading stove developers and fitters, the Tyrolkraft series was released for Europe-wide sales.


  • Combustion chamber made of high-quality refractory concrete – cracks are a thing of the past
  • Finely-tuned combustion air system for economical and convenient fuel utilization
  • Optional inspection window to the hearth and oven. The special coating of the window panes reflects a portion of the heat radiation back into the combustion chamber, thus preventing room overheating
  • Variable chimney connection
  • Integrated dual-side fire protection
  • Weight up to 280 kg, depending on size
  • Customization as you wish
  • Stainless steel frame, handrails and handles
  • Temperature zones created on the painted steel hot plate allowing intuitive cooking. The cooktop retains heat and can also be used for warming when fuel has been consumed
  • Ash and dirt strip between the wood storage, hearth and oven
  • Large oven
    • for 70 cm stove (W x H 21 x 26 cm)
    • for 80 cm stove (W x H 31 x 26 cm)
    • for 90 cm stove (W x H 41 x 26 cm)
    • for 100 cm stove (W x H 51 x 26 cm)

Tested according to EN12815, meets the requirements according to the terms of Article 15a of the Federal Constitutional Law regarding the “Marketing of Small Combustion Systems and Cogeneration Plants” and Level 2 of the Federal “Immission Control Act” (BImSch Stufe2).

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Serie Tirol

Tirol Series

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Serie Tirol

Tyrolkraft - Series

- the innovative, economical stove